Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mr Charles Spurgeon said:

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."

One of the most glorious things to enjoy is God's creation. We took the picture above when we did a bush walk through a National Park.

Even though the walk was hard in places, and a bit of a struggle with two little ones in mountain buggies, and it was A LOT further than we thought it was going to be - we have made a rich memory for the children of a day we really enjoyed.

Why did we enjoy it? It wasn't too hot, it didn't rain, there weren't too many people - all these things added to the enjoyment. But the best part was that we were together soaking up all the wonders of Creation.

There were the little waterfalls, streams and rocks, the stunning views that hit us as we rounded corners, the intoxicating blue of the sky, the deep rich greens in the bush all around us. And then a picnic on the beach and a paddle in the sea. (Paddle traditionally means ankles and up to knees in contact with water. Nevermind - Mummy did indeed have a change of clothes for small children who hadn't got the hang on keeping at least the top-half of their clothing dry.)

Even when we discovered that someone had inadvertently put the bananas in the BOTTOM of the backpack and they resembled baby food, it didn't spoil our enjoyment.

And when we returned home, weary and happy, our quickly assembled tea of cold chicken and potato salad on the table in front of us, we prayed and gave thanks to the Lord for everything He has given us to enjoy.

And we do.

The Mummalady

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