Friday, September 24, 2010


As mentioned previously, our family love our reading aloud sessions.

But its sometimes a problem to keep the little ones quiet when we read aloud.


Mummy has devised the following scheme.

Take some shoe boxes.

Put stickers on the boxes (we have two boys using this system at the moment so we have 1A 1B, 2A 2B, 3A 3B etc)

Put a collection of toys in them (1A may have three wooden blocks, a car, a tractor, a small doll; 1B may have some polished stones, a wooden bowl, a basket, a silk scarf, a small boat ... )

It goes without saying that we DO NOT put these type of things in our boxes - whistles, drums, clicky cars ... although some children have a knack of making ANY toy noisy! If that is the case, just keep training. :o)

Store the boxes in order.

When reading time comes put a blanket down for each child (not touching each other!) and say "Blanket time!!"

One child is the "A" child.

The other child is the "B" child.

"A" child gets box 1A

"B" child gets box 1B

They sit nicely on their blanket, and wait while Mummy puts the boxes down.

Mummy gets comfy and says "You may open your boxes".

Mummy reads, the other children draw, colour etc and the little boys play with the toys in their boxes.

When "A" child has been through all the "A" boxes (we have eight) he becomes the "B" child, and goes through all the "B" boxes.

The boxes do not come out unless we are reading, so the toys stay special.

The children also have a pillow or cushion on their blanket, so if they don't want to play with the toys they can cozy down and just listen to the story.

The Mummalady

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Anonymous said...

Rug time is on the list of things to work on training. Thanks for fresh inspiration.
Mrs Bart