Sunday, September 26, 2010


There is something very satisfying about using crayons.

Coloured pencils are neat and tidy, felt pens are dense and often messy (especially if you are 2 years old) - but crayons are soft, responsive, versatile and smell good! Especially Honey Sticks crayons made from beeswax!

A small child does well to have only a few colours of a good quality, and a shallow tray to put the crayons into. Teach your child to respect all art equipment, and to put it away when finished.

Borrow some books from the library on crayon work - or art with pastels - to give you some ideas if the children are looking to you for help.

And have a go yourself!

Happy crayoning.

The Mummalady

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Anonymous said...

Honey sticks sound like great crayons. So many these days are not nice to handle or use because they are sticky or smelly or... just not pleasant to use. We refuse to have felts... horrid messy things. Though I do use white board markers and we
used black Sharpie permanent markers when we did the art class. You make me want to draw with crayons... now to find some Honey Sticks.
Mrs Bart