Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We enjoy using this "Bible Stories to Read" book by Rod and Staff, with accompanying colouring book available in New Zealand from Creaky Corner. After reading a story from this book we read the account from the ACTUAL Bible - King James Version.

Mr Five Year old was listening to Mummy read the story of Samson.

Being five, he is going through that rather grizzly stage where little boys like all the gruesome details of history.

He was rather intrigued by the Philistines taking out Samson's eyes.

"Argh!" he said greatly horrified and interested at the same time. "Those terrible Philistines!"

Later on, I was wondering how much of the story he remembered.

Mummy: "Who was the story about that we read earlier?"

Mr Five: "Samson."

Mummy: "And what happened?"

Mr Five: "They took his eyes out."

Mummy: "Who took his eyes out?"

Mr Five: "Um ... ah .... " (look of intense concentration on his face ....) " ... ah ... " (a sudden smile and eyes sparkling " The Philistyrenes!"

Clever boy.

The Mummalady


Anonymous said...

Each time you read it he will remember a little bit more and add in more details. We are still reading bits, especially at present in the Old Testament, where we say... "I do not remember that!" After nearly forty years of reading God's Word there is still so much to learn and take in and there always will be.
Mrs Bart.

H. Crosswhite said...

we love that little book !