Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Maths doesn't give me a headache any more!

When I was in school "maths" was something I didn't understand.

Well - sometimes I understood it briefly, but as soon as I got home and looked blankly at the page of questions I doubted that I had any intelligence at all!!

I was blessed to have a Dad who worked through my homework with me, and made it a bit more understandable.

Right now our oldest two are doing maths that is REALLY beyond me - but that's fine - Math-U-See has a DVD where kind (and funny) Mr Demme explains each new concept. And best of all - Daddy is overseeing the boys maths!!!!

So I get to play fun games with the smalls at maths time.

"If I have 16 walnuts, and I wanted to divide them up equally into the four compartments of this wooden tray - how many walnuts would I have in each compartment?"

The Mummalady

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