Friday, September 24, 2010


When our children were around 8 months old, till they're about 2, they've always liked the game where you carefully put the rings onto a post.

In the past we've had plastic ones that get broken.

But putting my "natural" thinking cap on I came up with this alternative which has been fun for everyone!

I found a "coffee mug tree" and asked a handy passing saw-user (one of the big boys) to saw the sticking out bits off.

And now when we do our op-shopping we are on the lookout for any sort of wooden rings: curtain rings, or napkin rings etc. Quite hard to find, but exciting when we find them.

The Mummalady

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, very good idea. It is on my list of things to look for at the op. shop. It is something children enjoy very much and to have it made in timber is great. Now I just want to find a wooden shape sorter... might have to make that myself to get what I want. Thanks again for another brilliant idea.
Mrs Bart